Katiyln Regehr and Terrorist Suffragettes

Sooo…This is my first attempt to speak publicly about my research. Kaitlyn Regehr invited me to talk about some current themes I am looking at on her blog http://www.kaitlynregehr.com/ It was a really lovely day, and anyone interested in performance history and Burlesque should check out her research and her TV programmes.

In this video we talk about Kitty Marion, what it means to have the word ‘Terrorist’ attached to the suffragette movement, the current place of women’s history today and the potential closure of the Women’s Library in London.

Just to clarify, I have no link to the women’s library other than as a concerned research student and historian. But it is a cause that I think deserves a lot of attention and if you agree, please sign the petition below.


They need 12,000 and are at around 10,000, so every signature really does count now.

Finally, please remember that I am only a phd student, and what I am trying to do is find away to understand pieces of theory and find analogies within other peoples work. Bearman’s article and his stance on the use of the word ‘terrorist’ is deeply upsetting to many people, and my analogy with the IRA was not meant to offend anyone, but was my way of trying to understand why he came to such a conclusion. As a young historian I can get totally wrapped up in the past and sometimes forget the recent events still echo and memories run very deep. It is a learning process!